Child Bullying

Bullying Lawsuit Filed Against School District

In March of 2016, the father of a 14-year-old student has filed a federal lawsuit against the Killeen School District alleging it failed to rectify bullying and sexual harassment incidents that were reported to school officials. The lawsuit says over a period of time, the female middle-school student was physically, emotionally and sexually harassed by several boys in her class over the course of three years.

The petition says in part, “…What might be considered normal ‘playground games’ soon became harassment and even physical touching with sexual connotations.” The victim allegedly filled out complaint forms and gave them to school officials but to her knowledge, officials never completed an investigation into her complaints.  According to the petition, the sexual harassment had names like “touch-titty Tuesday,”  “hump Wednesday,” “twerk Thursday,” and “slap-butt Friday,” and that those names were well known to school officials but still they took no action.

The petition says after the victim complained to officials, the boys approached her at home and made threats of violence against her, and at one point the ISD superintendent told the girl’s father that she was to blame for the harassment.  Also according to the petition, so severe was the bullying that finally she changed schools. But when students at the new school learned of the victim complaints, the bullying began anew. The lawsuit seeks damages for past physical pain and past and future medical expenses, mental anguish,  mental health expenses, and physical impairment.  The lawsuit also asks the court to require the district to adopt an anti-bullying and harassment program.

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