Zofran (Ondansetron): During Pregnancy Linked to Heart Defects, Oral Facial Clefts & Other Congenital Malformations.

Zofran During Pregnancy

Parents of children with heart abnormalities, cleft palates and other birth defects should know that Zofran has been linked with these defects.  The Federal Food and Drug Administration has warned that the use of Zofran could result in potentially fatal abnormal heart rhythm.  In addition, studies indicate that use of Zofran during pregnancy may also be linked to orofacial clefts and other congenital malformations.

Zofran Manufacturers Failed to Warn of Zofran Link to Birth Defects

The drug Zofran (known as Ondansetron) is used to control nausea and vomiting in patients who undergo chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical procedures.  However, the drug has been prescribed during pregnancy to reduce the symptoms of morning sickness, despite the fact that the FDA has not approved Zofran for this purpose.

Abnormal Heart Rhythm, Cleft Palate and/or Cleft Lip Result in Significant Impairment, Painful and Expensive Medical Treatment and Other Damages

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